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Talkative Tots will provide a positive platform where you can learn evidence-based information and proven strategies to help encourage and improve your child’s speech language and social skills

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Pam Lefkowitz

I have been a speech-language pathologist for almost 30 years. I received my Masters Degree from the University at Buffalo in 1994.  My years of practice have focused on early language development with families starting with Early Intervention. My expertise includes the use of everyday activities to support the development of emerging language skills. 


Throughout my career, I have used sensory-based strategies to provide a fundamental base for language development for children with an autism diagnosis, and genetic differences as well as those with more complex needs.  For the past 13 years, in addition to early intervention, I have worked with children who have complex medical needs to provide them with augmentative and alternative means to communicate.

In addition to my career, I have raised 2 of my own children.  In that time, I have had personal experience in implementing strategies to support my children’s executive functioning skills.  My personal experience has taught me how to provide functional strategies that can be easily integrated into our already busy lives. I come to you with a broad base of skills to support you and your family as your child’s language skills develop.


Margaret Ann Wilson

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I have been a speech pathologist for 30 years.  I received my Masters Degree from Teachers College Columbia University in 1992.  I worked in an Early Intervention Center for many years and maintained a private clientele. After a several-year hiatus to start a family, I returned to the profession when my youngest child was in kindergarten.


For the past 17 years, I have serviced  2–9-year-old children in their homes, schools, and daycare facilities with varying speech and language deficits, including attention and behavioral issues, social pragmatic language delays, sensory processing, sensory integration issues, oral motor deficits, and feeding delays. 

Having raised  3 children with delays in auditory processing and articulation issues, I am an expert at identifying language-related deficiencies and implementing practical solutions to improve their overall functioning. I provide parents with ongoing strategies and advice for the carryover of their child’s speech/ language and feeding skills in everyday life.    

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