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About Our Program

Everything you need to know about what our program offers and the parent training model

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What will our program offer?

We will provide a place to start when you are concerned about your child's language development.  Whether your child is a late talker or you have a diagnosis that is an indication that your child will have difficulty learning and using language.

Our course will give you the fundamental skills your child will need to begin to use language (notice I said language and not speech) and how you can use everyday situations and routines to get them communicating effectively.

This course WILL offer:

  • A perspective of your (the parent's) responsibilities to help your child learn to develop the skills necessary to be successful in communicating

  • A breakdown of the skills that every child needs to learn before they will develop effective language skills

  • Strategies to help you engage your child in activities that nurture them and provide opportunities for functional and fun communication

  • Tools that will help you develop your own personalized strategies that fit your schedule, lifestyle, and routine with your child

  • Checklists, self-assessments, and worksheets to keep you on track with a perspective of your child's  development


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What are the benefits of this parent training model?

There are so many benefits to this model!  The greatest and most important benefit is that you will deepen your connection with your child. Your bond with your child will grow as you learn how they communicate and the best practices you can use to help them develop their skills.

This course will teach you how to use routines and events in your everyday life to encourage your child's language development. You will learn how to use simple strategies to engage your child in familiar, repetitive, and predictable activities that make learning and using language more functional. Your child will learn to use their communication in their natural interactions and with the people they will communicate with on a regular basis. Your child will also learn to generalize their skills to other situations faster and with more effectiveness.

By following the strategies in this course, you will be able to use them during times that are not structured therapy time. It will decrease the time you have to spend going to see a therapist. You will learn strategies and use the tools that you already possess to engage your child without having to maintain scheduled therapy sessions.



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