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Updated: Apr 22

Reasons Why

Outdoor Play is Important

Reasons why outdoor play is important for our children

Check out these reasons why play is important

Check out these children's books that help promote creativity and imagination.

Play is crucial for children as it fosters imagination, cognitive growth, and emotional well-being. It enhances literacy and language skills through storytelling and communication. Additionally, play promotes independence, physical fitness, and social skills like sharing and turn-taking. Through play, children learn about the world, build friendships, and develop essential life skills.

Types of Play

UNOCCUPIED PLAY (0-3 MONTHS) Babies or young children exploring materials around them without any sort of organization

  • It allows newborns to identify their legs, hands, arms, and feet

  • This is their first attempt to learn about their world

INDEPENDENT/SOLITARY PLAY (BIRTH TO 2 YEARS) When a child starts to play alone

  • Looking at colorful pictures in board books

  • Sorting and stacking cups

  • Playing under the play gym

  • Playing with blocks

ONLOOKER PLAY (2 YEARS) Child begins to watch and observe other children play but does not play with them

  • Watching other children play at a distance

  • Children suggest possible solutions to other children but not actively joining in on their play

PARALLEL PLAY ( 2+ YEARS) When a child plays alongside or near other children but does not play with them

  • The child playing in the same area but not necessarily with the same toy

ASSOCIATIVE PLAY (3-4 YEARS) When a child starts to interact with others during play

  • The child will play on the playground equipment but all doing different activities like climbing, swinging or sliding

COOPERATIVE PLAY When children play together with shared goals

  • Playing store

  • Playing restaurant

  • Putting on a stage show

  • Playing going to the doctor

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